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Sitting at home in front of the television after an ungodly day at work you may find your mind filled with trivial thoughts, such as: "I wonder what Pat Sajak did to deserve such a terribly easy, ridiculously well paid job." Or if you're the devilishly selfish type you might consider what you would have to do to convince your significant other to kiss you down below. Whitney Star doesn't bother with such lackadaisical pursuits, for she thinks in major and minor, chorus and bridge. She eats to sing, sleeps to sing and lies (not with record producers) to sing.

Having never taken kindly to labels of any sort, Whitney aptly evades popular classification. From her stride to her spirit she exudes confidence, teeming with strength—of character, conviction and dedication. Calling claim to a past marred with difficulty and rife with challenges conquered, Whitney swats opposition aside like a livid nun armed with a yardstick.

Though Whitney Star transcends popular labels of persona, her genre of music is evident. Her fans affectionately refer to it as 'green eyed soul.' Prophetic in message, her intention is to provoke consideration, empower women across the world and shine a spotlight on social concerns that so commonly fall below the radar— moving your soul whilst moving your feet.

Ask her about immediate influences and you may be surprised by the answer. She attributes the majority of her inspiration to her grandfather; the man responsible for assigning her nickname "star" when she was but 3 years of age. Gail Tomas, Whitney's vocal coach of many years is, as Whitney considers her, the greatest influence in her career, honing her skills and guiding her to where she is today.

If you want to know something about Whitney Star, you can rest easy now reading that while she loves kumquats, she abhors hairy fruit and that her distaste for seeing toothbrush scum is a direct result of her firm belief in the superiority of Darwinism. Nevertheless, if you want to KNOW Whitney Star you need to hear, listen and absorb the music. For Whitney is in the music. Only then can you truly understand her struggle, her rise and her purpose.



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